Friday, May 18, 2012

Walking the dogs

I met many breeds  of dogs on my walk today. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera with me.
The husband of the one of the 2 ladies with a pair of cavalier King Charles spanielsI  I met walking yesterday had the pair of the dogs this afternoon. The spaniels were meant to be English lap dogs and cuddly the husband told me. 
One older gentleman was walking with his airedale terrier. I asked him and he told me what breed. 
And then a lady told me her dog was not a chihuahua but dachshund. Sometimes it’s called hot dog  she said because of its length and shape.
The last one dog I met today I always mistook for a Siberian husky and the gentleman politely corrected me for the past couple of times I met them before.  "It's an akita," I said. He was happy that I remembered and smiled. The photo below is a photo of an akita which I took at Doran Beach last Sunday.

I don’t know anything about dogs. Actually I grew up afraid of dogs. I like the cavalier King Charles spaniel.
I took the walk this afternoon after the match between the highest (Hikaru Nakamura) and the second highest rated U.S. chess player (Gata Kamsky) finished a very complicated endgame won by Nakamura who is now ahead by half a point over Kamsky with one game to play of the round robin chess championship. Kamsky is the defending champion. 
And chess comes before the dog.

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Paulita said...

What fun to meet so many dogs on your walk. And a great shot of the Akito. I never know dog breeds, or flower types either.