Sunday, May 27, 2012

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What do you in the face of a certain doom? Or how does one proceed in a lost cause? This is the question asked by the father of Irina,in a letter he sent Aleksandr, the Russian world chess champion, in the book -Partial History of Lost Causes by Jennifer Dubois. Irina’s father has Huntington’s Disease. After her father died Irina found out about the letter which didn’t get an answer.She went to Russia to find Aleksandr. She has the gene for Huntington Disease and was interested for the answer. She went to Russia to find out.
There are moments when you reach midlife when certain questions come. Should you find some time to see some of the 80 treasures made by man elucidated by Dan Cruickshank that stand for human ingenuity and magnificent achievements like Macchu Picchu, Ankor Wat, Mesa Verde, Taj Mahal?
Should you learn Italian and enjoy some time in Tuscany? Drive along the Amalfi Coast, visit Venice? Or read some of the 100 great books? 
Should you do something inspiring? Something noble?
How does one proceed in a lost cause? 

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