Monday, May 14, 2012

The secret of flying a kite

The man flying the kite said he got his kite less than one hour ago from the  village’s only  Candy and Kite store. He had never flew a kite before. “This was the first time and it was fun,” he said. Is there any risk in flying it? “I just read the instructions that was inside the box,” the man said. “No, unless you let the kite chase the kids or people walking on the beach,” he said smiling.Is he creative in manipulating the 2 strings to make the kite dance? “I guess I could, he said. “I did not think about it.” I did not think he had to use intuition to fly the kite for enjoyment and for hours.  “It is not really hard work. Although I could do a lot of spirals and other kite’s dances if I spend more time with my hand dexterity,” he explained. 
 R.I.C.H. is an acronym for Risk, Intuition, Creativity, Hard Work-key strategies for achieving success in everything according to Garry Kasparov, the youngest world chess champion and considered one of the best chess players of all time.

The “Kite Runner” as everyone knows is a different story-with more drama, intrigue and moral dilemma. Mine is a simple story and just a very short conversation with a man who was flying a kite in Doran Beach on Mother’s Day when it was cold and cloudy and our whole family had a wonderful time.


Eugenia O'Neal said...

I like kites! That red one looks like it would be a lot of fun. To think that people would make a sin out of such an innocent pastime!

About Last Weekend said...

Very fun that he just bought it and flew it. The Kite Runner was such a disturbing book.