Thursday, May 17, 2012

How to spend a day

The sun burst from behind the clouds and my sweatshirt became unnecessary during my walk to the river this morning.The father told me his ten year son was still learning how to cast. He had one fish that got away this morning and now was waiting for a big bite. An old fisherman, who looked like an Oxford professor smoking a pipe, was more circumspect said, "just passing  a good time.”

We went to the tire shop where Michelin tires were on sale for the tire change of our car. 

Cheri and I left our car in the garage and we walked to the elementary school, about a mile away, where our first grade grandson and the his class have a musical presentation. The first graders sang, danced and told a simple story on how to find happiness. What’s the key to happiness? The students were dressed like different animals. The lion asked the question, “why am I not happy?” The elephants, leopards, monkeys, laughing hyenas, and other animals gave him different answers. What’s fun? What’s happiness? In the end they found the answer:  friendship and friends. The children were fabulous. Our grandson was dressed  as a leopard and carrying a leopard stuffed animal.
After the presentation we went grocery shopping with our daughter and with her first grader and  6th grader who goes to the same school and allowed to leave her PE class and to attend her brother’s and  first graders’s musical extravaganza.

Then back to the car shop to wait for our car. Cheri and I brought our books. She reads Never Say Die by Susan Jacoby, the book for discussion, for her annual reunion with her 5 college friends next month in Sedona, AZ.I brought along Charles Darwin’s Voyage of the Beagle.
We returned home 2 1/2 hours ago.

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