Friday, May 4, 2012

Reading Moby Dick

Enticed by an artist friend and after I browsed Nathaniel Philbrick’s Why Read Moby Dick I began reading Moby Dick. In the early pages I realized Melville has a good sense of humor and likes to meander and writes a lot of referential points related to his experiences.
I read several books-fiction and non-fiction-simultaneously.Sometimes  I concentrate in one or two books that engage my interest deeply and finish them in several days. Reading several books at the same time is like thinking in stream of consciousness.
Reading is like threading a needle. It’s listening to a hum in the forest until you hear a song or find a surprise.
Reading is a discipline, to procrastinate is to leave an unfinished tapestry.
There are stories that have power to transform or convince. Melville’s Moby Dick has the sweep and depth for a patiently big heart.
I will find out.
(photo: Port of Rhodes, Greece)


Susan Lindquist said...

An interesting post, Edgar. I, too, am prone to reading several books at a time ... they are usually placed around the house in spots where they suit my pausing during the day or the purpose for my being in a certain spot at a certain time. Sometimes, however, I become enthralled with a certain subject or period of time or historical event or person ... it's then, that I read a few books that are related in some way to that enrich the whole reading experience.

edgar said...

Susan-I like your idea of books in different places in the house.