Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rain storm

It's a rain storm with wind, lightning and thunder, and of course, rain. It's not surprising. It's November,in Northern California, means rain, not snow.

I'm finishing Rebecca Newberger Goldstein's book-36 Arguments for the Existence of God. It is about academics, ambition, love, and Hasidim sect of Judaism.The prose is flowing and original. The arguments are subtle and convincing.

I don't have any new photo of a rain storm but sheep grazing under the solar panels. Why use a an electric mower when one so natural is available. It's no surprise and doesn't yearn for an explanation.It complements and adds a continuity to the solar panel.

An enjoyable book and rain are such old companions like an atheist and a believer in deity having coffee together.

I'm listening to Lara Fabian's radio through Pandora.

The surprise is I'm blogging after I finished reading Goldstein's book.

Some canyons are so deep and dizzying. The geological history is effort worth studying. Some reading can consume some mental energy.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


It is November air-cool and comfortable.The noise on the bridge was so loud I felt like I was walking in a tunnel.
Along the river I met the students from the college who were taking a class on walking. "We walk twice a week,"one of the students told me.
I met people who were walking with dogs, a man limping on his right leg and with a jubilant voice when he greeted me "good morning."
I saw model planes flying above me.
When I passed by the pond I got interested in an egret.I took several pictures and made an album which I titled-study in white.
Before I returned home I passed by the college library, read a book and rested. I was lightly perspiring.
I removed my sweat shirt, returned home passing over the bridge again. The noise had not changed.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The cycle of seasons, the feel in the air,dawn and snow, sounds and worries of every day are ever present and then disappear.
To realize that everything changes is one of the secrets of wisdom. It's the acceptance that nothing is permanent. Buddhist teaches this reality. Christian scriptures express the same theme.

Learning that nothing stays the same is not easy to accept. The denial of change is one source of suffering the sages say.
It's November. The leaves fall and gather. Soon they will be covered with snow or just decay.

The songs of autumn are snowflakes. The thought lingers. Memory brings a smile or tears.But we wait for dawn,for an enlightenment.

I will take a step and continue my walk. Someone is walking towards me.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Tricks or treat-is how life is.There are obstacles one has to overcome and reward comes. One can not go through life without suffering. In the midst of suffering comes grace.
Halloween reminds us that life is a mixture of experiences. One has to navigate with an open and clear mind.
The costumes we wear is a dream , our fantasy. We can lighten up and intersperse mirth with seriousness.
If the angels can smile we should be allowed too.