Tuesday, May 31, 2011

When did you meet God today?

The priest asked in his homily during the mass

last Sunday,"When did you meet God today?"

Unexpectedly winter during the Memorial Day week-end my wife and I were driving through the mountains from Reno to Incline Village in Lake Tahoe on the snowy road cold, misty and dark. We had to switch to the 4-wheel drive to negotiate the winding, ascending and descending road.

We met God on the road and guided us safely to our condo.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


There are several things I want to do every day that I am not doing consistently. I promised myself several times I will do them but failed.
It is not because I lack the inspirations.What I need is commitment.

I want to write everyday.
I want to walk for fitness and for a leisurely stroll everyday.
I want to study chess everyday.
I want to read 5 pages of a book everyday.

Not too long ago I heard Tyler talked. It was about his training as a Navy Seal. He is one of the 16 who finished the training from 172 candidates.

Tyler is my inspiration.
The Navy Seal's grueling and punishing training is my mantra. My daily chores are negligible.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Monday promenade

It's almost a month since I wrote something.

Last week I was having my Monday promenade when I noticed the heavy clouds. It is seldom that Napa Valley has a lot of clouds. They can disappear very quickly. When you look up again the clouds are gone and only the blue sky remains.

The stroll is to enjoy the ordinary little things.

Contentment is not about plenty.