Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rain storm

It's a rain storm with wind, lightning and thunder, and of course, rain. It's not surprising. It's November,in Northern California, means rain, not snow.

I'm finishing Rebecca Newberger Goldstein's book-36 Arguments for the Existence of God. It is about academics, ambition, love, and Hasidim sect of Judaism.The prose is flowing and original. The arguments are subtle and convincing.

I don't have any new photo of a rain storm but sheep grazing under the solar panels. Why use a an electric mower when one so natural is available. It's no surprise and doesn't yearn for an explanation.It complements and adds a continuity to the solar panel.

An enjoyable book and rain are such old companions like an atheist and a believer in deity having coffee together.

I'm listening to Lara Fabian's radio through Pandora.

The surprise is I'm blogging after I finished reading Goldstein's book.

Some canyons are so deep and dizzying. The geological history is effort worth studying. Some reading can consume some mental energy.

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