Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Farmers Market

I woke up not so early this morning but early enough to visit the Farmers Market held at the parking lot of the former Copia, next to the Oxbow Public Market on First Street in Napa. Not all the vendors are farmers but all are producers of things edible, ornamental and personal.
I loitered for a bit then proceeded to the Model Bakery booth and bought a round seeded wheat bread and a bear claw. My wife, Cheri, loves the bear claw. 
White and purple flowers with quinoa like shapes and a very mild fragrance attracted my attention and brought me to the booth of Devoto Gardens from Sebastopol, a very nice town, northwest of Napa, known for its apples. Jolie, the farm florist, of the Devoto Gardens ( http://www.devotogardens.com/)  greeted me with a very pleasant welcome and explained to me the different flowers. She is “the flower child of the family” and started the “farm to table flowers’ which I learned from her website (http://www.farmtotableflowers.com/meet-your-florists.html)

Her booth abound with colors from sweet peas, redanthe, statice, sunflowers, and lettuce. I forgot to ask Jolie’s permission to publish her photo. Maybe next time.
It was a sunny day and I walked to the river and talked to the friendly fisherman who laments the non-biting fish.Later on I helped in the Study Center for K-12  in the library.

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Susan Lindquist said...

This sounds like a perfect day ... relaxed with some self-indulgence, some recognition of beauty, and some cheerful service ... a nice balance.