Thursday, May 10, 2012

No ordinary days

I’m suffering from the effects of allergens. I could not serve at the Table today because of constant sneezing and nose drips and had to go home. I have taken nasal inhalers and tablets with very small effect.
When I got home I joined my 2 grandchildren who were swimming in the pool with their mother.In the water all my nasal stuffiness temporarily improved.
Today was sunny like yesterday although not as warm.
Reading slowly Moby Dick and Our Life in Gardens Book. Again I picked up Middlemarch from the basket at the bedside. One of the travel writers, Gideon Lewis-Kraus mentioned that he just finished reading Middlemarch after carrying it around for many years in his travels. 
Reviewed my chess games  I played by email, made the chess diagrams in the computer and sent them with my moves. 

There are no ordinary days. The idea makes a lot of difference.
(photos: on our way by train to Colorado's Pike's Peak)


About Last Weekend said...

Everyones allergies are so bad - I wonder why? I feel for you. Try and have a great weekend though!

edgar said...

About last weekend-Thank you.
Is t part of the global climate cahnge?

I took my wife's allergy medicine yesterday and today. It worked.

Louise said...

Good to hear that you're getting your allergies under control- they certainly can make us miserable. I really like your thought that there are no ordinary days. As someone who has a lot of apparently ordinary days, I'm going to try and remember this.