Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Chess and cheese

Half of the day today I reviewed my 8 chess match games trying to find the best moves to send  to my opponents.  The other half  I watched the U.S. Chess Championship live in the Internet. I read only a part of Middlemarch and the Cat’s Eye.
Later in the afternoon Cheri and I attended an informal cheese making and more of a social function in the house of Anila, one of our club members, who is a former chef, formerly owned an Indian restaurant and who makes her own cheese at home. One other club member, Mike, who is a chemical engineer, taught the class. He demonstrated how to make chevre and burrata cheese. He emphasized the detailed measurements of the ingredients and temperature. Mike explained the science and art of cheese making.
Anila showed how to make paneer cheese. After it was finished, she sautéed it with cumin seeds, turmeric, fresh garlic, green pepper and green onion and almost looked like scrambled eggs. We ate it with the pita bread and the French bread.
Before the cheese making Anila prepared Indian tapas of 2 types of chicken kebabs with 2 different types of sauces, home made paneer cheese made earlier in the day, pita bread and French bread, olives. Another member brought prosciutto. We had pinot noir from Napa Valley and Oregon and one pinot home made by our chemical engineer.

Chess and cheese making in one day. An extraordinary day.

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