Monday, February 20, 2012

An ordinary day

An ordinary day of mixed activities. I’m putting together our club’s directory with each member’s photo and personal information.This one will take awhile to complete. I have a lot of photos to review.

I finished  all the slides for a short  powerpoint presentation tomorrow.
I walked to the river in the afternoon and said hello to my fisherman acquaintance who still had not caught any fish. There were 5 fishermen fishing today. 2 days ago one of the fishermen caught an 18-inch striper the day I did not bring my camera with me. 
I just returned from the bowling alley where I watched and cheered for the veteran-warriors of Iraq and Afghanistan who were playing tonight. They are residing in the Pathway Home here in Napa Valley for treatment of their war related mental trauma. 
The photo was taken 3 days ago while walking along a new housing development under construction. 

Only 2 days before the start of Lent. It's Ash Weneday this Wednesday. I will begin a new discipline and commitment. It was not too long ago that I attended a spiritual retreat which was my prelude for Lent.

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