Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mustard in the vineyards

Sunny spring like afternoon. Cheri and I went up valley in search of mustard in the vineyards. There is not much rain in Napa Valley this winter.There are very few vineyards where the mustard are blooming.

This morning the lecture on muses was about Clara Wieck Schumann. She was a child prodigy in piano and music composition.She was called “a poet of the piano who played by heart”. She was the muse of Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms.Her music was vibrant and full of emotions.

 People I met today in my afternoon walk after returning from our search for mustard.: My fisherman acquaintance still has not caught a fish but he was in the river everyday. A runner with her tired looking dog that runs with her told me, “I’m running  the Napa Valley marathon next month.”
 A glass of wine and cheese tasted good when I got home.

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About Last Weekend said...

I like the softness of the mustards with those outlines of the vines.