Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dare to know

excerpts from an article in Nature January 2012
“Eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and maintaining an active social life can help you stay mentally sharp. “Genes are not destiny by any stretch”.
Genes accounted for about 24% of the mental changes that occur across the life cycle.
This means that environment also plays a big role in shaping and maintaining our intelligence and mental ability as we grow older.”
This morning I attended the presentation on the Muses. Kayleen, our lecturer, presented Alma Mahler. Alma did not leave any experiences unexperienced. She did it all. She was muses to so many men-music composer, music conductor, screen writer, architect, and even a priest and others in between. Alma Mahler was an enchantress.
This afternoon, I walked to the river. My fisherman acquaintance did not catch any fish again. I enjoyed the ducks in the river, the dogs, free and uninhibited. The day was sunny and warm . Of course we need rain. A wonderful day. 
I'm finishing the book Examined Lives by James Miller. I have so much to learn.
Montaigne wrote his motto: Dare To Know.

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