Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lent begins

Ash Wednesday and Lent begins.
It’s a journey, a life's reexamination, a renewal.
All things come and go.Impermanence.
Life is a gift.Each moment is a moment to cherish. 
A time to listen, to be attentive.
I will not be in the wilderness.  I will go inside my inner self.


About Last Weekend said...

Great sentiments. I used to observe Lent as a child when I went to catholic school, but have not thought about things like this in many years.

edgar said...

About last weekend-Mystics say-the divine spark is there and can reignite at any moment.

Every lent I tried my best to do what I promised and only gained a bit. This lent I'm trying again-to listen and be attentive.