Monday, August 15, 2011

Walking and Patience

Walking helps me to learn patience. I walk with a pace of about 3 miles per hour. Accomplishing a certain distance is secondary to walking. The idea is to walk. The pace is meant to look and observe.

Someone advised that we should stop to smell the flowers. During one of my walks to the library I passed by a house with white roses in the garden and I stopped to smell the flowers. I heard a voice:"The flowers have no fragrance". It took me a few seconds to see the lady who was seated on a chair surrounded by rose bushes.

This morning I started my walk from where I lived, then to Maxwell Bridge that spans over Napa River, to the paved river trail in Kennedy Park. The river was at low tide.There were a few walkers, a few cyclists on the trail. There were

hobbyists playing with their model airplanes. I could hear and see the planes overhead with their droning sounds.

The air was cool but later the air became warm. The sun was bright and fog had cleared. After I arrived home I prepared an egg sandwich with a hard boiled egg inside half of a peta bread. A glass of no fat milk completed the lunch.

It's Monday. What's the hurry.It's a beautiful day.

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