Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In the evening or after the rain

(Algiers)-"In the evening or after the rain, the whole earth, its womb moist with a seed redolent or bitter almond, rests after having given herself to the sun all summers long. And again that scent hallows the union of man and earth and awakens in us the only really virile love in this world: ephemeral and noble."

"In Algiers one loves the commonplace:the sea at the end of every street, a certain volume of sunlight, the beauty of the race. And, as always, in that unashamed offering there is a secret fragrance. In Paris it is possible to be homesick for space and a beating of wings. Here, at least, a man is gratified in every wish and, sure of his desires, can at last measure his possessions."

-Summers in Algiers-The Myth of Sisyphus- Albert Camus

(the photo of course is not Algiers)

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