Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sky writing

For almost half a day I was attending a seminar, listening to talks inside the conference room.

! was car pooling.

Before we left I took 2 photos of a plane doing acrobatics in the air show. which happened to be across our conference building.


Alyce said...

That's so cool! We've been meaning to go to an air show for years but always remember after it's over (it's about an hour's drive away).

Trish said...

Oh those are so cool! It's been years since I've seen skywriting.

Lisa said...

Looks sort of like he was just learning to sky-write! Interesting squiggles.

Here's my Snapshot!

edgar calvelo said...

Lisa,Trish and Alyce:
Thank you for all nice comments. It amazing that those squiggles happen.