Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A true communion of heart

Today, I attended the Lunch with Friends held every first Tuesday of the month, a social activity of our church.
A couple just celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary. Another couple on my table told me  that in 2 months she and her husband will celebrate their 62nd wedding anniversary.
“The joy that comes from a true communion of heart with another person is perhaps one of the purest and greatest in the world, but its function is not exhausted by merely giving pleasure. Though we may not be conscious  of it, there is a deeper purpose in it, an education in the highest arts of living. Even intellectually it means an opening of a door into the mystery of life. Only love truly understands, truly gives insight.”
from : Friendship, Life’s Greatest Joy by Hugh Black

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About Last Weekend said...

Married 67 years - that is such an achievement. You are lucky to have friends that know how to navigate life together. My parents have been together 52 and I thought that was something