Wednesday, June 6, 2012

ten poems to change your life

Yesterday I was browsing on the bookshelves of the Goodwill store and I found a book of poems: ten poems to change your life by Roger Housden. The title is not capitalized. It costs $1.25.  I first heard about this book when I attended a course on the Muses given by Kayleen Asbo of Sonoma State University.This is one of her favorite books.
In the introduction the author writes: “So this is a book that aims to alert readers to whisperings under their own skin, hunches in their own gut, It is not for poetry lovers alone, but for everyone who knows there is more to life than they are presently living.I intend as a book of inspiration and awakening.”

Life is a very long stretch of road.

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Bellezza said...

What a find! I often drop things off at Goodwill but haven't shopped there for books. Like I need to bring more books into our home! Still, that "quiet whispering" part grabs me. I'm a bit weary of a loudly shouting world.