Monday, June 4, 2012

If there are no photos

Last Saturday, Cheri and I joined a lot of other people to celebrate the 90th birthday  of our neighbor, Mr. H. 
His daughter explained to all the attendees that her dad has 4 groups of friends: the old car buffs, his morning doughnut friends, his church group, and his neighbors. His girlfriend is also 90 years old. They are a lovely couple and travel together. They just returned from driving to Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, Palm Desert and  back to Napa. 
2 years ago he drove with his car buff friends to a car rally in Texas and the Carolinas. Last year with another car buff friend they visited Scotland. 
His walks cover a lot of miles and  he walks everyday.  Mr. H has an enthusiastic disposition.
Everyday is a day of gratitude. Our 90 year old friend teaches us how to live a life. There is no place or time for complaints.

“Anyone who applies himself regularly, lengthily and energetically to a single project is certain, no matter what else happens, to encounter days of profound delight or unprecedented inspiration”.- Time and the Art of Living -Robert Grudin

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