Thursday, January 12, 2012

Joan of Arc

January,2012 is the 600th anniversary of Joan of Arc's birth.
"She (Joan of Arc) remains one of the most myth-generating, true-life heroines in French history. She was physically strong and emotionally independent, vowing to stay virginal because she took her orders from God. Although she was an illiterate country girl, she was smart enough to convince her parents that voices from Heaven were telling her to leave home and restore the king to his throne. She sweet-talked the man who would be king into giving her money, horses, weapons and soldiers to rid France of its English invaders. She lifted the siege of Orléans and led the way for him to be crowned King Charles VII at Reims. Then she was captured, sold to the English, tried and convicted. Forced into a dress, she was burned at the stake in 1431. She was 19."
I did not realize she died so young.
The photo was taken in Quebec City.
(excerpts from the article  The Koan of Joan by Elaine Sciolino, January 6, 2012)


missing moments said...

Amazing woman for her time. Too young for a tragic death.

Louise said...

I've become really very interested in Joan of Arc in the past few months, and have a couple of books about her lined up. It's such an extraordinary story. Interesting to see a statue of her in Quebec. I've been lucky enough to see the beautiful gold plated one in Paris.

edgar said...

missing moments and Louise-I have not read any book about Joan of Arc except tidbits here and there.