Saturday, January 7, 2012

Alternating rhythm

To understand photography from others and develop in my own way I have to learn how to see and experience what the images say-as if the image has its own senses-to experience the sensation of knowing-like when I learned from my grandfather how to write my own signature for the first time.
I’m finishing the book-Breath by Breath, the Liberating Practice of Insight Meditations-which I started reading one and a half weeks ago while we were Oregon. There are 16 contemplations which can be condensed into two. First: “Practice with the breathing until a certain level of concentration and calm is achieved”. Second: “Open the awareness to whatever arises in the mind-body process and see that it is all impermanence, unsatisfactory, and lacking an essential self.” I’m not a contemplative or pretend to be. I’m trying to learn some concepts and not a formula from the process. And there is no formula.

One midmorning, when there was a lull in the early drizzle, we walked  on a graveled road in the midst of hazelnuts in hibernation, fog low on the hills, and  dew still on the berries. 

“A calm mind can be a more insightful one; insights give rise to further calm. They grow together in an alternating rhythm.”


Alyce said...

What deep thoughts. The photo of the hazelnut trees is taken at an interesting angle and I like it.

Paulita said...

You've taken some amazing photos. I'm inspired.

edgar said...

Thank you Alyce.