Friday, November 18, 2011

What is art?

Ruskin once wrote:"What is art but praise."

When my mind is crystal clear I like to frame a space

filled with colors

-a place where a couple on any afternoon

with the simplest French expression of baguette, cheese, and a bottle wine,

express with their eyes, thoughts,and gestures

caring and faith for each other.


Bellezza said...

How very lovely...away from the rush and into what is essential.

edgar calvelo said...

Bellezza-These are colors of Napa Valley at this of the year. I had a romantic date with my wife and drove up the valley Thursday afternoon before the clouds cover the sun. It's raining today. We are the the couple in the photo.

edgar calvelo said...

I have to correct my last comment. We were not the couple in the photo.

About Last Weekend said...

Beautiful images and words and as Bellezza says, into what is essential. Away from the busywork of what our lives so often become....