Saturday, November 5, 2011


I was richer by 2 cents when I got home from walking to and from the library yesterday afternoon. I found 2 pennies on the sideewalk. Some say finding a penny will bring you good luck. Being able to walk on a cool day in the early afternoon is a blessing. In the Tao of Travel, Paul Theroux mentioned poets who walked and walked and seemed to find inspiration in walking. Some go on a promenade, other saunter. Still others go for a hike. The movement certainly improves ones circulation and invigorates the mind. Our club distributed beautiful dictionaries that have lots of pictures and illustrations to elementary school third graders yesterday morning. I find the words in this dictionary with very clear meanings compared to the Webster's Collegiate dictionary though Webster's may have more words. .
When you take a walk, carry a backpack and you may leave it outside when you go inside the classrrom. It's like a penny or memory, you may pick it up later from the park bench or the street on your way back home.

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