Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Simple pleasures

Tomorrow, if there is dawn, Cheri and I will drive in the early morning  to visit our friends in Oregon and spend New Year with them.They live in Willamette Valley where the best Pinot Noirs are located. Their children live nearby.
I will be on sabbatical from cyberspace for a week.  Days will be of simple  exquisite pleasures- friendship, taste of the vineyards, cool  fresh Oregon air, and green country.


Jeanne Henriques said...

Happy travels Edgar and best wishes for a Happy New Year. Many thanks for your comment and yes...it would be great to see photos of the Victorian homes you pass you your way to the library. :)

edgar said...

Jeanne-It rained lightly then hard just about one hour before we reached our destination and did not let up.
We were with friends and a joy to spend New Year there.
Sunny day when we returned home.
Yes, I will take some photos.
Happy New Year.