Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Insight meditation

Yesterday I walked to the gym and worked out for 40 minutes. Wandered through the downtown and then visited the library. Read a few books and selected 3 CD’s - Frank Sinatra, ABBA and Sarah McLachlan and borrowed Thomas Merton, A Life of Letters.
A slow walk home trying to be more aware of the surroundings.
Today I walked in the neighborhood and met a man at the river who was calling the ducks with his duck caller gadget. He told me he used it for calling ducks when he goes duck hunting. Today he was practicing. He even told me  he prepared duck instead of turkey for Thanksgiving. I also met a lady walking with 2 sister dogs, one with black fur and the other, brown. Different fathers with same mother she said.
December is cold and sometimes misty and bleak. It’s not coincidence that red and joyful colors decorate houses, hearth and trees and electric posts.
I don’t know how to do walking meditation. How about insight meditation?

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