Friday, January 28, 2011

Lessons from life

Diana Strinati Baur ( A Certain Simplicity) was a guest blogger on Karie Tallo's blog Momentum Gathering. Diana and her husband moved from Germany to Italy. In Piemonte, Italy they "restore a four hundred year old farm into a bed and breakfast..." She wrote: "with every pile of rocks we moved and every tree we cut, we internalized lessons that would give us wings to carry us through the next seven years and make our home everything we had imagined and more."

They learned 6 lessons. I copied two: "There are whole worlds of things you don’t know but can learn if you listen. It’s no longer about what you know, but rather about how others can enlighten you...

You get better at things because you have figured out how they work."

And I copied one conclusion: "Hard core change might knock the life out of you for a while. But once you have gotten your bearings, you might find yourself living more deeply, more softly, and more consciously, than ever before."

An inspiring story.

Her blog: A Certain Simplicity.

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