Saturday, October 4, 2008


I took a stroll along the river this time from the Kennedy Park 2 days ago about 10 in the morning with my camera and staff. It was a comfortable walk. There were benches along the way where now then sopped to adjust my shoe laces or simply rest. The paved walkway was dotted with young tree saplings that in years to come will provide shades.

It was a sunny day, a little cooler and there was a mild breeze. There a few walkers with dogs and a mother with her 2 children who were enjoying the splendid morning strolling. The solar panels installed by the college were all facing the sun. The panels have sensors and are mobile that allow the panels to follow and face the sun.One then two then three hawks circle the sky. They flew near then far from each other. They did not fight but only seemed to acknowledge the presence of each other. I took several photos.

Thomas Merton in his Search for Solitude wrote about his need for solitude. He looks for it in the fields, in the hills and his small hermit dwelling in the abbey. I thought that walking can be a form of solitude. Walking and not particularly thinking of what I see though I sensed their presence passed through my mind. I’m trying to learn the awareness of the present moment, glimpses of detachment. I try to learn how to let time pass without craving for anything, to walk without really thinking. Carrying a camera perhaps negates my purpose. I learned somewhere that forsaking attachment does not prohibit us from experience.

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