Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fill the boats with learning

I’m taking 4 eCourses:
Modern and Contemporary American Poetry-University of Pennsylvania
Human-Computer Interaction-Stanford University
Learn to Program: The Fundamentals-University of Toronto
Crash Course on Creativity-Stanford University

The poetry class opens my eyes to the beauty and richness of language. Our last week’s class is on Conceptualism and Unoriginality. 

I find The Human -Computer Interaction interesting and teaches technological design and communication.

The Fundamentals in programming shows me how difficult it is to create a computer program.

The Creativity class teaches me awareness and how to think with a new eye. Our text is the book:InGenius by Tina Seelig. 

All the courses allow interaction with students from all over the world.

Learning is joy and work and play. Let's fill the  boats with learning and sail the seas.

( photo: Cheri took the photo while she was in Boston 2 years ago.)


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