Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Walking discipline

The 8th day. 8 successive days of either walking or going to the gym. The idea is to develop a discipline for fitness.Walking is simple and may not involve any driving. Although I like to drive to Kennedy Park which is 5 minutes drive from our place. The walking path is along Napa River. There more walkers, roller skaters or walkers with dogs. The SPCA is along the pathway and encourages walkers to volunteer in walking the dogs.

Walking along the river, I see the open space, the hills and people enjoying the park.There are days when the model airplane aficionados fly their airplanes. They have their own airstips in the park.

Scientific studies showed many benefits of walking.It can be a form of prayer or meditation. It can be a time for thinking or day dreaming.Sometimes I study my chess games while walking.

David Steindl-Rast, a Benectine monk, writes ( Common Sense Spirituality )"...every human being is a kind of mystic... mysticism...in the strictest sense, as the experience of deep union with Ultimate Reality-those moments of blissful wholeness and harmony that break through to us every once in a while... What does distinguish mystics, however, is their willingness to give these experiences the central place they deserve in our lives. Mystic allow these moments to influence how and what they do and , in so doing, to give meaning to their lives."

He cited Abraham Maslow's "peak experiences"..."transient moments of self-actualization." David Steindl-Rast "think of them simply as moments that 'makes life worth living'..." you get an insight into meaning; there's a moment in which meaning really touches you."

I don't experience 'peak experiences' often. But I have experienced those moments.

( the photo is from Glenstal Abbey: www.glenstal.org/monastic)

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