Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A walk to the river

The sky above the western hills was orange brown when I walked out of the door towards the river. It was cool and practically no breeze. I twirled the staff or was it was really a cane I was carrying?. I was fond of carrying a swagger stick since I was in high school after I saw that Gen. Douglas McArthur carried one all the time.At other times I carried a paperback book. I guess I like to carry something light in my hand. A cane is handy when I am walking. I can use it as a barrier between a jumping, barking dog and me.

I paused now and then to clear my sandals of pebbles.The tide was slowly coming in when I reached the river.The dredged part of the river bank was exposed. The two fishermen were preparing to pack their gears. There were no good bites they said.

The full moon shined brightly over the eastern hills. I regretted that I did not bring my camera which often I did whenever I take a walk.

I could still see the trail, dimly lighted by the street lights, when I returned home.

The NY Times article I was reading before I went out was the improvement of memory in the elderly. It advised to play mental games and physical exercise.

It was an envigorating walk and leisurely. One Benedictine said leisure is a virtue.
I was happy.

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