Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Random thoughts

The fishermen have not caught any fish since 3 weeks ago. “It’s the relaxation,”one of the fishermen told me. “How about the rain,”I said. “It has to water the earth,” he answered. A walker came by with his barking chocolate colored labrador. “I just saw the other day a silver colored labrador. It looks black when the dog moves but it’s really silver,” he said. I thought a silver colored one is rare. His dog continued to bark. Maybe the dog didn't like me.
I bid them a good day. I resumed my walk. The day was sunny and cool but warm enough for me to remove my sweat shirt.
The bamboo should not have any problems growing.

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About Last Weekend said...

Wonderful little snippets. These are the sorts of wise and poetic comments a friend of my Dad's makes when they meet on the beach at home. His name is Jo and he's Italian.