Friday, June 3, 2011

Smile on your face

While walking in the river walk along the Napa River in the downtown I stopped and talked to Lonnie who playing his music in the Veterans Park. He is the man tat rides a bicycle pulling a rig that contains music speakers and a laptop and plays all kinds of enjoyable music that everyone enjoys. His dog, Charlie, was resting next to him.

His last dog was stabbed to death.

Wherever he goes in the downtown he plays the music. He is not homeless. Lonnie plays the music and doesn't want money.

"I want to see the smile in your face," he told me. "I take those smiles home with me at the end of the day." The last time he was next to Ben & Jerry Ice Cream store "I met people from 15 different countries," he said.

Lonnie looks content. He is happy.

"Look me up at: man's best friend Napa and you will see the picture of me and my dog and my story". When I got home I did. I was impressed.

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Louise said...

I just looked him up too. That is so sad that someone would do that to his last dog. Yet he still sounds happy, not bitter. I'm glad to see that he got a new dog, and hope that they have a long, happy life together.