Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Never too late

Today, Cheri and I attended a reception of one our friends who has an exhibits of his paintings in the city library. Greg retired 5 years ago and decided to to attended art classes in painting. He started with acrylics and settled down on water soluble oil paintings.

He has not had any previous art training before.It took him about 6 months, he said, before he had an idea of what he was doing.He paints beautiful landscapes with a delicate touch.The strokes look clean and there are no hesitations. He paints daily and about 3-4 hours a day and mostly indoors.

He is a good example of learning a new skill at a later age in life. Human brain is pliable and accepts changes late in life.

One doesn't have to wait for someone to tell him or her that he/she should start going. Socrates tries to learn how to play the flute on the eve of his death.

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