Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Long Road

I read my poem in my class today-"The Long Road".

After heavy days on the long road
I arrived at the intended destination
Passing through familiar towns
The doldrums of life’s daily chores.

Did waiting mean being left behind?
To rise early or late
A basis of contention
What were they,
Moving or still,
Shrouded by fog?

I became aware-
How the sun shaped
Shadows of towering mountains,
The sweeping farm lands
Where sheep quietly grazed,
The weight of falling snow.

I experienced unexpected loneliness
During the winding climb before the summit
That overlooked the sea,
The calm I felt when I descended
Towards the infinite coastline
In the fading light.

I had shared wreckage.
I picked up and put together
Pieces of pains and responsibilities,
Short and long musical phrases,
Postcard glimpses of greatness,
Spaces for dreams and regrets.

Should I have digressed?
Strolled in an old village
Like a local philosopher,
Or attended a class in origami?

It was a journey to the interior.
A sorting out, of orchards
Of fruits, of apples and pears,
Our reconcilable differences.

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